Sea of Bliss
Algorithms of Time is Stuart Diamond’s visualization to Don Slepian’s classic “Sea of Bliss”.

Computer music was born back in 1958 in Max Mathew’s sound lab, at what was then the Bell Telephone Labs research center in Murray Hill, New Jersey. From 1979 through 1981, Don Slepian was “Artist In Residence” at the Labs. Most of his time then was spent working with the Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer, also known as the Alles Machine (pronounced “Alice”), named after its designer Hal Alles. The Alles Machine was disassembled in 1981, with Sea of Bliss the only full-length piece of music ever realized on it.

Sea of Bliss was very influential work when it was first released, impacting what was to become Ambient, New Age and Meditative music. Quite an accomplishment. It was recently re-released in vinyl.