Video and Music by Stuart Diamond

Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin
Jonathan Salzedo - Harpsichord

Pre Ambling - Andante or So
Magic Mandarin – Sprightly
Lone Some – With a wistful sadness
Tango Tails – With a rose firmly clenched between teeth
Summer Ice – A hazy summer waltz
Jacks to Jumping – Con Vivaciness
Music for a Rainy Afternoon - A thought reflecting after itself

"Telling Tales" had its origins decades ago, when I was working on a series of children's' projects. The individual pieces were coalesced into a suite for flute and harpsichord. Though the details are only fragments of memory at this point, I do recall that the melodies were drawn from several sources including a record project, commercials, and if I am not mistaken a song for a lovely young, yet mysterious woman. These days I often revisit early works, reworking the material to see how they might sound if they were written more recently.  So "Telling Tales" for Violin and Harpsichord is the 2013ish take on music from the 1970s.

Stuart Diamond

Stuart Diamond is a multimedia artist, working with music, video, and language. His career covers a wide range of disciplines - producer, composer, musician, writer, director, videographer, and journalist. His music ensemble, Electric Diamond, is one of the first live electronic music groups. Still performing, it has a history that now spans nearly 40 years.  

Karen Bentley Pollick joined the Paul Dresher Ensemble in 1999 and champions a wide range of solo repertoire and styles on violin, viola, piano and Norwegian hardangerfele.  She studied with Camilla Wicks in San Francisco and attended Indiana University where she received BM and MM degrees and studied with Yuval Yaron and Josef Gingold.  Recordings on her own label Ariel Ventures were honored at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards.  With Russian pianist/composer Ivan Sokolov she has recorded  <amberwood>, Homage to Fiddlers  and Russian Soulcapes, and performed throughout the US and Czech Republic and at the American Academy of Rome. She performs on a violin made by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in 1860 and a viola made in 1987 by William Whedbee and resides in Evergreen, Colorado and Vilnius, Lithuania. She currently tours with Australian pianist Lisa Moore and the Paul Dresher Double Duo.

Now living in California, British harpsichordist Jonathan Salzedo is a popular collaborator with local groups including San Francisco Symphony and Jubilate.  With his wife Marion Rubinstein, he co-directs the Albany Consort.  He also explores unusual harpsichord repertoire (new music and tango).  Once a harpsichord maker, Jonathan still likes moving and tuning them. Jonathan first took up harpsichord while a mathematics student at Oxford, after being an active young pianist.  After graduating, he planned to study harpsichord with someone famous, but ended up learning what he knows from working with fine soloists.