Fantasia for Karen Alone 

Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin Solo
Dorothy Hindman - Music
Stuart Diamond - Visualization

Fantasia for Karen Alone is an 11-minute work for solo violin with digital accompaniment. The piece suggests the private moment when the musician is in her practice studio, playing for herself and the joy of it alone, inspired by the fragments of music she is working up that constantly swirl through her thoughts. Written especially for violinist Karen Bentley Pollick, the accompanying soundfile's source material is based on Karen's prior performances of Hindman's works.

The live violin imagery for the video was shot during the world premiere of Fantasia for Karen Alone on March 11, 2010 at the Birmingham Museum of Art as part of Solo Violin & Alternating Currents.

"Fantasia for Karen" is one of the tracks on Hindman's new CD "Tightly Wound". The Innova release is the Winner of the #1 Album of Fall 2017 Global Music Awards.

Gold Medal Winner
Dorothy Hindman
Tightly Wound: Music for Strings
Composer - Album - United States

Global Music Awards is an international showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists. One of the great joys of our work is to discover the rich talent that comprises the Global Music Awards’ family. Whittling down to five albums was no easy task, but without further ado, we present Global Music Awards’ Top Five Albums of Fall 2017.

#1: Dorothy Hindman, Tightly Wound: Music for Strings, composer, United States. Fueled by a unique blend of punk, postmodern, and spectral techniques, Hindman’s music sings and screams, breathes and howls, leaving a lasting impression like none other. Her second solo release, Tightly Wound, a double album showcasing her music for strings, stakes a solid claim for her position as one of the more fearless voices in chamber music today. Hindman’s works have a raw power.